"I decided to celebrate myself and all my body does for me while stepping far outside my comfort zone because that's where change happens. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You made me feel like I was fierce, feminine, strong & beautiful."

-Lauren, Beach Babe

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

a few years ago I knew I wanted to create sexy, artistic images with woman at my all-time favorite place on planet earth, the beach

and I always thought those woman would need to be models

in order to have some sample work to show these models, I asked my husband to take some photos of me

i directed him and showed him around my camera 

i loved the images we created

it's at this point i knew the women i needed in front of my camera were not models. they were other women just like me

i want to do this for other women

so i am!

woman tell me that they feel strong, sexy, and confident after they did their shoot.

"I can't wait until I'm 90 years old and show these to my grand daughters - they're gonna have a bad ass grandma who encourages them to just go for it, and do the thing they might be afraid of people judging them for bc why the hell not?"

exactly! bc why the hell not.

how beach babes began

my own beach babe shoot that started it all

-Heidi, Beach Babe

me and lauren during her shoot :)

at the beginning of the session you will feel nervous. which is 100% normal. but within 2 minutes (literally) your body will be on warm, white sand, you'll be listening to the waves gently break in the distance, and you'll be relaxed as I guide you through exactly what to do while I capture your first bangin' booty shot.

the rest of the hour will go by quickly as we chat, laugh, dip our bodies in the ocean, and continue to capture you and your body beautifully. 

as you walk off the beach, you will feel proud and so happy that you did this for yourself. we'll press our wet, sandy bodies together as we hug goodbye, and you'll float through the rest of your day with a sense of confidence and peace-fullness... the ocean and doing something completely for yourself does this to you :)





Sessions are $850 and include an online gallery containing all your edited digital files with the ability to download hi-res files. Sessions typically last 1 hour.

Bring/wear your favorite bathing suit (or 2!), a towel, and a water bottle. I recommend applying sunscreen before you arrive.

Sessions are held May-September on weekday mornings when the tide is low. They are held at a quiet, exotic looking beach on Cape Cod.