"Katie's expertise is truly unparalleled. It's NOT just awesome-looking photos and editing. It's her attention to detail. It's her genuine understanding of the special day and love in the air. She's also a ninja with her long legs. We are over and over amazed by the captured moments when we had NO IDEA she was anywhere near. Forever grateful for the wedding photos we have because of Katie. They perfectly captured all the feels and they always bring back the exact moments as we cherish."

"It's not just awesome-looking photos, it's her attention to detail."

Sujin & Nate, under the starry sky of their wedding day

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"I tripled my sales using your method!"

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"

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Best Cape Cod Wedding Photographer


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my calendar is filled with a select number of Cape Cod weddings each year. couples who work with me are excited for their day to be captured authentically, and to have a photographer that feels more like a friend than a vendor. 

i get to know my couples, and often times, even become friends with them! it's that close, trusting relationship that brings out the best moments worthy of photographing. when you look through my galleries and portfolios, you'll see couples laughing, enjoying a quiet moment with each other, and hugging all of their favorite people. 

i'm known for and am most proud of, bringing out my couples truest self in front of my camera.

if this is what you're after for your wedding photos, please get in touch.

my wedding packages start at $5,500 and are designed to fully capture your day.