Amber & Tim Married! – Falmouth Wedding Photographer

I may be a little biased by saying that this was my favorite wedding of the year since the groom happens to be my big brother : ) So many people asked me why I decided to say “yes” to photographing the wedding… wouldn’t I miss out on everything? But, photographing a wedding means you are there for everything that happens. I was there for moments I wouldn’t have seen as a guest… like when my brother was getting ready. I was there for every single moment between Tim and Amber, and was even up close and personal for a lot of the laughs and tears (thank you 70-200mm lens : ) And my best sidekick, Hillary, was able to fill in for me during the reception so I could really enjoy myself and do what I do best: dance.

Amber & Tim did a phenomenal job putting together the entire day. I was surrounded by awesomeness when I arrived to the most beautiful arrangement of wild flowers, a hand-carved guest book made out of Portuguese drift wood, and thoughtful parting gifts for all; a tulip bulb for guests to plant in their garden.

Tim & Amber – I love you guys : )