Ashley & Cole Married! – Raleigh Wedding Photographer

Photographing another photographer’s wedding has got to be one of the most rewarding and scary things I’ve been asked to do throughout my career as a photographer. I did it once before for Mikhail & Erin, and both times I was completely honored that I was asked to shoot their wedding.

Something weird happened as I was editing Ashley & Cole’s wedding. As I scrolled through the images, selecting which ones would ultimately make it into the gallery, my chest started to get heavy & my hands started sweating. I was just as anxious sitting at my computer as I was the actual day of the wedding. It really kicked in as I was scrolling one by one watching Ashley’s bridesmaids walk down the isle. You see, there wasn’t a single DRY EYE in that church… all thanks to Mr. Cole Gorman. The kid was a hott mess (in every fantastic way possible) and I’ve never seen such a beautiful reaction to a groom watching his bride enter the room.

I’ve had the pleasure to be a part of each stage of Ashley & Cole’s relationship, and I couldn’t be more excited for them to be a married couple. Without further ado, introducing one of my favorite weddings of all time : )

**Wanted to extend a shout-out to Anderson Shore for doing a fantastic job of capturing the boys getting ready!**