Atsuko & Adam Married! – Great Harbor Yacht Club Nantucket Wedding Photographer

This wedding is a gem ladies & gents! When I think back to this Saturday in October, I replay it in my head like it’s one of the top 50 romantic movies of all time. One girls (and guys) will watch for years to come and cry tears of joy, hoping that their wedding day would be this perfect.

Atsuko & Adam planned the most beautiful & peaceful wedding day where they took time to enjoy every single minute of the day. You could find them both closing their eyes to take a deep breath together, or Atsuko nestling up close to Adam as they took a minute to look over the balcony and enjoy the bobbing sea. You could find them taking a moment to privately see their reception for the first time; looking at each other in disbelief that it was the reception they had been planning for so long. And you could find them in the middle of their loud & crazy dance floor, dancing slowly and looking at one another like no one else was in the room.

They took time out of their day (one that goes by so quickly) to truly enjoy everything about it.

And speaking of romantic movies – check out the incredible film from Long Haul Films. So beautiful.