Becca & Steve Engaged! – Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Three years after their first date, Becca & Steve braved the Cape winter weather to do their engagement shoot! There’s something about doing Cape Cod engagement pictures in the winter. With no summer beach crowd, there is a calming silence as you take those first steps out onto the beach. The salty wind hits hard as you pass over that first dune, and there’s nothing left to do but hug tight to the one you love. Some of my favorite shots of the day are Becca & Steve huddling together to keep warm as the wind blows back Becca’s hair.

I’m so excited for the wedding in August…It will be held at the incredibly delicious Red Pheasant Inn which Becca’s parents own, and the details are going to be beautiful! Introducing Becca & Steve:

Can’t wait for the wedding in August!