Emily & Lance Engaged! – South End, Boston Engagement Photographer

Emily Rice. OH MAN, where do I begin. Emily and I were college roommates by pure luck, and it was love at first site. Literally; our first encounter started with a big embrace and I’m pretty sure we left the building arms wrapped around each other. Emily studied music theatre and I studied business. I spent my days at Elon listening to Emily sing (quite loudly) in the shower, and tried my best to keep up with her music theatre talk about musicals & actors & keys & pitches, and everything else that sounded like a foreign language to me. On the contrary, I’m sure she enjoyed watching me do power hours & body roll in our living room while I taught her lyrics to ridiculous new rap songs. A match made in opposite heaven.

Oh, and LANCE. Fast forward 4 years to last Summer when Emily and her “boyfriend” (GASP) were in Boston for the afternoon. We spent the afternoon walking around town as I stalked them with my iPhone camera taking photos of each kiss they took. Emily and I would just look at each other and I’d give her the special “oh no you didn’t” eyes. Upon meeting Lance for the first time, Brent and I just looked at each other and nodded. He was loud, out-going, hilarious, and would stop at anytime and any street corner to begin singing a tune with Emily. If I could imagine the perfect person for Emily, Lance is it.

So excited for Emily & Lance to be an official married couple this November. So excited for them and more importantly, I’m proud of them both. I love you guys!!!