Johanna & Jay Married! – Queset House Wedding Photographer

The weather called for a sunny and 90 degree day. Perfect to me, perhaps a little hot for others. On my drive to the Queset House, out of nowhere, the sky opened up and rain just poured down. As I arrived to the venue, the rain had passed and steam was rising off of the roads; the roads getting some relief from that mid-day heat. Everyone was gathered in the tent wiping down the dance floor, putting potted plants upright, and nodding in assurance that everything was going to be great. A little crisis control was underway, but Johanna remained calm. She had a great group of friends and family to bring the tent back to pre-random-thunderstorm-roll-through condition! And it’s that kind of attitude from everyone that kept the day rolling wonderfully. Johanna & Jay set aside plenty of time for photos of just the two of them so we could explore all the awesome nooks and crannies that the Queset House has to offer.

Loved this day, the garden theme, and the calming force from everyone there. Congrats Johanna & Jay!