Kasey & Shaun Engaged! – Newport Wedding Photographer

Newport, RI on one of the nicest October afternoons in history. Not only did I get to have a DELISH lobster grilled cheese for lunch, but I got to hang out with an old friend, Shaun, and meet his awesome fiance, Kasey.

When we got down to the beach as our first stop, we snapped a few pictures and I asked them to walk back towards me. When Shaun got to me, he asked, “are we done?” This was clearly not a joke question as Kasey and I laughed in his face. I revealed that we still had about 2 more hours to shoot, so of course Shaun had to make do with what felt like a lifetime of picture taking. So I definitely can’t leave out some shots that kept Shaun sane throughout our shoot… like this:

Or this and this:

and of course this:

Now onto the good stuff ; )