Katie & Mike Engaged – North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Fun fact of the day: There is a 16″ difference in Katie & Mike’s height. TRUE STORY!

Even more fun fact of the day: I had so much fun running around Raleigh with them and their dog Winnie, who I totally have a dog crush on now.

Katie & Mike are high school sweethearts, both went to UVA, and Mike was actually on the basketball team there! I got to hear Mike retell their engagement story and I was seriously impressed with Mike’s taste in jewelry ; ) Their wedding is going to be in Virginia at the foot of the Blue Ridge mountains, and I know it will be an absolutely gorgeous day. Katie warned me before the shoot that Winnie is petrified of cameras and might not do so well so I was prepared to give Winnie a doggy pep-talk before the shoot started. Despite some doubt, she ended up being the best doggy model EVER! She was taking directions and didn’t let the massive wheat field distract her from her workin’ it! She reminded me so much of my old dog Callie, and playing with Winnie brought back so many fun memories.

Introducing Katie, Mike, and Winnie!

We of course had to have some fun with the height difference!