Kim & Kevin Married! – CT Wedding Photographer

There’s a time during every wedding when an invisible switch is flipped during the reception. It could be the fact that the sun goes down, or it could be that 5th cocktail hitting everyone’s system. Regardless, it happens. The dancing goes from normal to wild, and the body movements that happen are probably illegal in public. At one point during Kim & Kevin’s reception I was standing in the middle of a sweaty, screaming circle of people demanding an encore from the band. It’s moments like this where I just smile, bounce to the beat of the band, and realize that I’m pretty lucky to be surrounded by sweaty, screaming people.

Kim & Kevin’s day came and went without a single bump along the way, and I was honored to be part of such an amazing day.

Big thanks to Mikhail for tagging along on this one – you’ll see some of his work below!

Congrats again Kim & Kevin!

Mikhail’s shot!

Mikhail’s two shots of the guys getting ready:

Mikhail’s angle…

Mikhail’s sweet shot!

Mikhail’s view:

Remember how Kim is a Redsox fan and Kevin is a Yankees fan?

Congrats again Kim & Kevin!!