Kristin & Bryan Married! – Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

I’ve recently found myself talking about Cape Cod summers a lot. Just the other night, we were watching some special on Jackie Kennedy and there was a video of the family running around in the grass and having lunch at the compound. I turned to Brent and started explaining how you could never do such a thing down in this furnace called North Carolina. I think I blabbed on for FAR too long because after a while he was just nodding and agreeing with me. As much love as I have for North Carolina, nothing compares to a Cape Cod summer… nothin’! As I’ve been editing Kristin & Bryan’s wedding I keep thinking (and verbally announcing) that “I miss Cape Cod.” After spending nearly 2 months up North shooting 9 weddings in 9 weeks (crazy, I know) I came back to North Carolina in a bit of a shock. No more delicious seafood at arms reach, no more Dunkin’ Donuts 5 minutes away, and no ocean to go visit. I can say though, that I am LOVING these 75 degree days we’re having late-november in Raleigh ; )

Kristin & Bryan lucked out with some of the best weather of the YEAR. It was mid-October with 75 and sunny written across the entire day. Enjoy Kristin & Bryan’s incredible Cape Cod wedding!

Dress: Anjolique
Florist: Flowers by Fancy (Meredith fancy)
Trolley: Cape Destinations
Hair: Ashley Bigda
Makeup: Maura McSharry
Dj: Danny Walsh
Reception Venue & Catering: The Sea View

I was obsessed with their bridesmaids dresses!