Lauren & Eric Married! – Plymouth Wedding Photographer

Lauren & Eric’s wedding was my 7th wedding in the 9weddingsin9weeks nonsense that happened this Fall. I had somehow managed to keep all crazy dancing antics in my head as I listened to hour after hour of body shaking music for six Saturdays in a row. My body had kept in all urges to dance for over a month, and I couldn’t take it any more. As the sun set over Plymouth Country Club, the music got louder, and Lauren & Eric’s wedding got rowdier. As Beyonce’s “crazy in love” echoed throughout the reception I knew I was in trouble. My foot started tapping, and next thing you know, I was I knew this was the wedding to let it all out as I had become so comfortable around Lauren & Eric. They had made me feel right at home, and most importantly they made me feel appreciated.

I left that night with a handful of new friends, and 20 seconds of dancing glory that made me sane.

Lauren & Eric – you guys are