Molly & John Married – RI Wedding Photographer

Molly & John are awesome. I know a couple is right up my alley when they’ve had custom-made sunglasses for each guest to wear on the dance floor, and each table is named after a certain dance move.

As I waited for the girls to arrive at Linden Place, I could hear them coming from a mile away. You see, Molly has one of the most loving, supportive, (and loud) group of friends, and you have to be totally good-looking to be in the group… it’s just an unwritten rule. I loved watching Molly peep at John from the upstairs windows, the “phew, my wife is hott” face John gave her once he had the chance to look her up and down, and the hugs & well-wishes their closest friends & family gave them throughout the entire day.

Molly & John – thanks for making me feel completely part of the group the entire day… your wedding was one of the most awaited ones of the season because I was not just photographing a couple in love, I was photographing my new friends : ) PS. To any bride needing some incredible design work done (wedding or not) check out Molly’s site (and all her hard-work below!)