Natalie – Cape Cod Children Photographer

This little girl and I have some SERIOUS history! I don’t even know how many years, but for several, Natalie has come into Sesuit Harbor Cafe as a “customer turned employee.” She and her dad would come up and order their usual fish and chips and afterward, Natalie would come stand behind the register with me and help write numbers on the tickets, or even take out the occasional lobster roll. It’s becoming a weird time in life because for the first time I am the one saying, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!” I was so used to people saying that to me, and saying that made me realize that I’m getting… OLD. I can remember when Natalie just learned her numbers, occasionally writing the “5” backwards. That always got the customers gawking at her cuteness and I swear she definitely got us some extra tips in that jar ; )

When I saw Natalie she had definitely gotten a LOT older. Her mannerisms & attitude were more mature but she still had that silly & wild side that makes Natalie, Natalie. Our session was so much fun and she was so easy to photograph – she’s definitely already got the posing and sass down! Look out dad ; )

On top of all of this, I got some great news from Natalie’s dad today. Natalie had gone for a casting call with a portfolio from our session and she ended up getting signed with a modeling agency!! I know she’s going to do great and I’ll be adding updates of her latest work here on the blog. Now check her out… : )

Too much model face = sore mouth muscles. Gotta RUB IT OUT! ; )

Good Luck, Natalie!