The craziest 6 months

Today is the most emotionally conflicting day of the past 6 months. I’m currently in San Francisco celebrating our completion of the Nike+ Accelerator; watching proudly from the audience as Brent pitches HighFive with everything he’s got. Today also means that I’ve been living without my Dad for exactly 6 months. In place of the 17 text messages and 5 phone calls I would have received from my Dad today, I’ll be receiving “good luck” & “your Dad is so proud of you” messages from friends and family. And instead of everyone here being able to meet my Dad, listen to his dumb jokes, and see how proud he is, they will listen to stories of him and see pictures of him I recreated while here in SF. So as I sit here extremely proud, I will be wondering the entire time why all of these amazing things have happened to us after my Dad’s passing. My Dad was truly our biggest fan and I wake up every day baffled that I’m unable to share this experience with him.

I have to wonder why it’s all happening like this. Why is one of the most accomplished days of my life falling on the 6 month anniversary of my Dad’s passing? Why was I put through one of the most emotionally & physically draining 3 month program, all while having to still deal with mourning my loss? I can confidently say though, that if I can go through this, I can go through anything. And maybe that’s the point.

Today will be tough, but I know that although my Dad won’t be here physically, he’ll be with me (and Brent) all day long. I will be happy to know that I am making him so proud today. Dad – I honestly cannot believe I have to live my life without you. I love you and miss you every single day. Thanks for giving us a little extra luck since you left us… And hey – can you make sure to send some awesome investors our way today? : )

And of course, a post isn’t complete without a few pictures. I asked my Mom if she had any photos of her and Dad in SF, and she texted me the following. We thought my Dad’s stance was hilariously him, so of course we had to find that exact spot and replicate it. I’m pumped with how they came out.