The Taft Family – Cape Cod Photographer

This summer has been great reconnecting and seeing people that I haven’t really seen in a while. The last 2 years have been fun because I have finally been 21 and have been able to go out with my brother and sisters. I had been the baby for a while and always watched them go out with their friends wishing I could go. Mandy and Dave’s friends are always a blast and this includes Devon and Drew! I spent new years eve with them a few years ago, so I was really excited to meet their little girl, Lila!

As soon as Lila got out of the car, she stumbled right over to me! She was a total trooper the entire shoot even with how hot it was outside! We treated her at the end with a big JUICY piece of watermelon : ) She loved it so much that at one point, she was double fisting watermelon! Here is Lila and Fam : )

You’re the cutest, Lila!