Tiffany & Thomas Married! – Boston Wedding Photographer

You may remember Tiffany & Thomas’s engagement shoot in Boston this summer. Tiffany and I went to highschool together, but I hadn’t seen her in years prior to our shoot. I remember watching her and Thomas approach me in front of the State House and thinking to myself how poised she was. Every part of Tiffany & Thomas’s wedding day was sprinkled with elegance, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. From her gorgeous dress with that incredible bow on the back, to her blue Kate Spade shoes (not to mention her gorgeous blue eyes,) Tiffany glowed the entire day.

Introducing Tiffany & Thomas!

Dress: Paloma Bianca

Shoes: Kate Spade

Hair: Mario Russo

Makeup: The lovely Kelly at Blush

Tux: JCrew

Bridesmaids dresses: JCrew

Florist: Mahoney’s

Venue: Marriott

Tiffany has some of the most incredible lashes!

How gorgeous are these bridesmaids dresses?