Zoom Photo Shoots

Most of you have a camera that is capable of taking great photos.

But you’ve never been trained to find that perfect light, use the correct settings on your camera, or properly edit your photos to take them to a professional level.

And that’s why you hire a professional for the important stuff!

You hire someone who has spent years knowing how to find the best light, knowing what settings to adjust, and knows how to take the raw files and edit them to perfection.

But with this quarantine, a lot of you are unable to hire your fav professional to capture life’s important moments.

I was recently approached by a couple who is expecting their first child in July, and they were so bummed that they were no longer going to be able to take maternity photos.

“Katie, could we ever pay you to consult us on how to set up a shoot, use our camera, and have you edit the files?”

OOOoooo wee! An interesting idea that took some planning, but here’s how we made it work:

We did an initial zoom call to go over the camera they have, go through the settings to take some test shots, view the area where they would be doing the shoot, and have them send me a few test files so I could be sure everything was working properly.
We scheduled the shoot for the following week and set up another zoom call so I could be there “on location” to help pose, guide them through any tech glitches (there of course were some!) and make sure the images they were creating would be top notch!
Once we were done, they shared the files with me via dropbox, and while I was on the zoom call I was able to send them a quick preview edit of one of the images. They loved it :)