Billy & Cortney Married Part II – North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I have to say that every time I’m shooting a reception, all I want to do is get on the dance floor with everyone and bust a move, you know – show ’em what I got. I’m usually blasting music on the way home, ready to go out, and then finally fall on the couch and realize how tired my feet are. Game over.

This was the first reception where I could actually let loose a little bit and take a break from shooting and get out on the dance floor. What did I do though? I got on the dance floor, but WITH my camera. I know what you’re thinking – drinks in hand, aggressive dancing courtesy of the bridal party, and bumping into everyone. Not a very great environment for a camera. But I found that I got some of my best shots by being in there – right in the middle of the action.

Now I’m not saying I’m going to do this at every reception (I wouldn’t want to embarrass all the guests by showing them up of course) but I will be getting in the middle of those dancing fools more often! This reception was so much fun, and we were all so bummed when the clock struck 10. The party didn’t stop however… you could find the whole wedding two doors down at a dance club ; ) Absolutely the best time in a while! Enjoy part II : )

I thought this was going to be a sweet exchange until Cortney threw cake!

onto the dancing!

I love this picture because A.) Mandy is literally break dancing and B.) my dad’s hands are hilarious.

Congratulations Billy & Cortney – Love you guys!!

Want more? Watch the slideshow of the entire day!