Ahh fall… chilly days, falling leaves, and excuses to drink unnecessary amounts of hot, sweet beverages. The first two have come a little later than usual though down here in NC. Just on Wednesday it was back to 85 and humid again.. what?! I think those days are over though and the leaves have finally decided that it’s time to fall off.

This fall has been littered with “firsts.” First time to the State Fair, first time making homemade cider (my hot, sweet beverage which I MUST have because it’s colder than 70 degrees out) and my first time in a corn maze. Brent and I arrived yesterday to Green Acres, a farm with a corn maze, hay rides, food, and a cow milking contest. HA. Unfortunately though, it was a fake cow! It was a pretty cool place but the corn maze wasn’t exactly how I pictured it. There were no 9 ft tall luscious green stalks and men with masks popping out. Rather, there were 5 foot dead brown stalks with bad ears of corn still on them. Still fun though!

I’ll leave it up to the pictures to explain the rest…

Then we ran into some cows!

Drooolin’ cow.

No this is not posed. Clearly this is another “first.”

Happy November!