Casey & Kyle Married! – Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

Cape Cod. I’ve lived there my entire life. It’s only when you move away (and are 2 hours from the ocean as opposed to 5 minutes) that you realize how lucky you really are to call a place like the Cape, home. Even more amazing is to spend one of the most important days of your life on this big sand dune.

I’m not sure Casey & Kyle’s day could have gone any better. The sky was left without a trace of a cloud; a subtle breeze whipping through the tent throughout the day. Casey was so laid back and at the end of the night I said to Kyle: “you’re a lucky guy; this day was so smooth.” He just responded, “that’s just the way it is with her – calm.” They are a beautiful couple that was surrounded with their amazing & loving friends and family. Congratulations to you both!

Through Catherine’s eye…

First dances were the sweetest : )

There’s an entire life-story behind those hands!

Toasts, toasts, toasts!

Get him, Casey!

Then on to a little “spin the bottle” dance-off style!

This also happened… what?!

And then I was confirmed that this kid must be some sort of break-dancer phenom…

What a beautiful night… Congrats, Casey & Kyle!