So this is a little out of order of the photography that should be going up on the blog, but to be honest, I’ve always skimped on Shae’s pictures. Not on purpose of course, but it’s just so easy to put all my focus into clients and forgetting to photograph (and share) some of the most important things to me.

My first night back on the Cape in August I had Mandy and Shae meet me at the house and informed Mandy that Shae would be getting a REAL shoot. None of this 5-minute, quick snapping, gotta run junk. We were going to go to the beach, bring a few outfits, and go for the sole purpose of getting some great shots of Shae.

This time Shae isn’t getting a one-shot mini post, but a REAL blog post so everyone can comment and tell me how cute she is (no, but really.) Simply put, Shae’s the, most likely going to be a child prodigy, and is probably most definitely the smartest soon-to-be two year old you’ll ever meet. And that’s coming from the mouth of her Aunt, so all you laughing out there can GET IT TOGETHER! ; )

Introducing (for real this time) Shae!

What’s with this sand stuff?

I love you Shae : )