Featured: Nantucket Magazine

I had an alarm set because I had a wedding yesterday, but did it wake me up? Nope. Instead, I woke myself up by hysterically crying over a dream I was having. Being murdered, losing a loved one, or reliving Michael Jackson’s death over again? Nope. Instead, I was having a dream that every. single. issue. of Nantucket Magazine was sold and I had no chance to see my own work in their September issue. I bolted out of bed, went downstairs and relived the dream to my dad as he stared at me like I was crazy. 5 minutes later my dad was on the phone and when he hung up said, “I’ll have 6 copies of it for you tonight.” Best Dad Ever!

When I got home from my wedding last night I was greeted by this sight:

So, major props to my dad for leaving me nightmare free last night, and major props to Marissa & Dave for hosting an INCREDIBLE wedding that was feature worthy. This is my first time being featured in print and it is pretty darn sweet.