Becca & Steve Married! – Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

I checked the radar and the rain was supposed to hold off until the afternoon. “It’s supposed to be good luck if it rains, right?” Becca wrote to me in an email a few days beforehand. “Mmmhmm, OK,” I thought to myself as I prayed that Irene would somehow veer 90 degrees East.

You see, this wedding was going to be different. Hillary and I were responsible for organizing, conceiving of, and putting together a stop motion video for Becca & Steve’s wedding day. This meant taking thousands of extra photos to turn them into a video afterwards. We didn’t realize how different it would actually be though. When we arrived, we were greeted by a set of handmade wedding rings created by Becca & Steve, a gorgeous Tibi gown and Miu Miu shoes to match, flowers and tablescapes thanks to Becca’s mom, and a DIY cake topper made by Becca to look exactly like the happy couple. I’m pretty sure Hillary and I mental high-fived each other several times throughout the day as we realized that the rain wasn’t taking away from our images, it was making them.

A big shout out goes to Hillary who absolutely made this video so awesome (and also produced some of the images below!) We made a perfect team while I worried about the technical aspect of all the pictures, and Hillary was able to put together a theme, a story, and the incredible transitions you’ll see below. I’m happy to say that this is something that we’ll be offering in 2012, and I can officially welcome Hillary to the team! Yea, I said it. Introducing Becca & Steve!

Dress: tibi
Shoes: miu miu
Engagement ring & groom’s wedding band: New York Wedding Ring, Sam Abbay
Invitations & place cards: DIY
Flowers: DIY
Band: Jeff Lowe Band
Paper banners: Mexican Sugar Skull
Venue: The Red Pheasant

Along with throwing mental high-fives the actual wedding day, Hillary and I threw a LOT of physical high-fives (and hugs) yesterday as we completed the video. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

click HERE to view video