Georgia & Bryan – Just because

I have a very particular sense of humor. I think know I’d rather get a cavity filled then listen to Dane Cook, and the funniest movie I’ve ever seen is Chainsaw Massacre the original. I know, I’m different. Now don’t get me wrong, I find a lot to be funny throughout the day, but to have me bending over in pain from laughing, well it’s a special occasion.

For those New Englanders reading this, you can back me up that the ocean water around here is pretty frigid even at the peak of Summer. Sometimes low 60’s rigid. Well this day was no different and to see Bryan’s reaction when first submersed caused tears to stream down my face. Let’s just say that the scene looked pretty ridiculous. I was hunched over pointing a camera at two people laying in freezing water, and the man in the water was letting out a pretty high pitched scream and spooning a girl in a wedding dress. Any beach go-ers were surely freaked out. I’m surprised any of my pictures from there on out were in focus. This was definitely the most hilarious shoot I’ve ever done and I’ve got Georgia to thank for it. I’m so excited to blog this one and for Georgia & Bryan to see their images. Check it out!