Marissa & Dave Married! – Nantucket Wedding Photographer

Marissa & Dave are the type of couple that people just gravitate to. They are both so welcoming and made me feel like one of their friends the very first time we met. Chatting with Marissa about all the details of the day beforehand and laughing with Dave about his “love” for fake laughing made the anticipation for this wedding day that much bigger. They are so sincere in everything they do and it amazed me at how much time they took to individually thank everyone who was a part of their incredible day. As I woke up the next morning and shuffled down to eat my $13 pancakes and revel in the fact that everyone was calling me “Ms. Pietrowski” (White Elephant, I love you) I got a text from Dave. It read: “I’m so sorry I just realized I didn’t thank you in my speech : ( so thank you you are the bomb!!!” Seriously, how do I get clients like this?! To Marissa & Dave: your graciousness towards everyone you come across is truly incredible and I thank you so much for making me feel so welcomed and appreciated!

I knew that it would be a day full of love, friends, and laughter, and when the actual day arrived I wasn’t surprised at all at how perfect the day really was; a warm and sunny Nantucket Sunday with a gorgeous sunset to top it off.

Event Design and Coordination: Desiree & Sara with Desiree Spinner Events
Dress: Mikaella
Hair & Makeup: Gina Paulino & Dru Sisson
Flowers: Betsy Brown with Down to Earth Designs
Cupcakes: Emily Bao Cakes
Venue: Great Harbor Yacht Club
Band: Accent
Bag Piper: David McKelvie Methven
Rentals: Party Suppliers & Rentals

Introducing, Marissa & Dave:

Two shots below by Stacey:

Stacey’s view:

Let the dancing begin!

Stacey’s hilarious shot:

Congratulations again Marissa & Dave!