Robyn & Larry Married! – North Carolina Wedding Photographer

My couples are the best. Seriously. Robyn and Larry are kicking off July as the first of two amazing weddings that will be blogged. This entire year I have had the pleasure to work with completely down-to-earth and humble couples who make my job so enjoyable. They’ve all welcomed me into their lives as not just their photographer, but as a friend. I got an email from Robyn last week asking me a very enticing (and hilarious if you know me well) question… “Do you want to go to the Kenney Chesney concert with me and my friends?” SERIOUSLY? These are the types of emails and relationships that make my day. Now for all of you that know me well, I’m not the biggest fan of country music, but I’m thinking that the tailgating alone just might make this offer official… besides Robyn & Larry of course ; ) I’ve got a handful of stories like this to share in the next few posts, and I just CAN’T WAIT!

In other news, I’m headed up to good ole’ Massachusetts tomorrow for some serious beach, niece time, and FUN! WOOPWOOP!

Introducing Robyn & Larry!

Cole’s shot:

I absolutely love this moment… an impromptu forehead kiss to seal the deal!

At the end of the ceremony, everyone was asked to go down to the water and throw a seashell into the ocean…and I had the pleasure of trying to dodge every single one!

I’m pretty sure Robyn’s words after the following photo were: “I have cake up my nose.”

Cole’s two shots below… of taking shots!

Congrats again Robyn & Larry.