Robyn & Larry Engaged – North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I’ve always said that I’ve had the most respect for two types of people: those that have the courage to fight for our freedom, and those that have the courage to teach a classroom full of small children.

Before I met Robyn & Larry, I already had a heightened sense of respect for them. It could have been Robyn’s idea of starting the shoot in a white dress while Larry was in his uniform, or it could have just been the fact that they are both in the Army. Mostly though, it was the fact that they are people willing to dedicate their lives to our country, so people like me can do what I love.

At one point during the shoot I stepped on a HUGE (I’m not being a wimp and over-exaggerating either) barbed something-or-other and lifted my foot to see a dozen needles sticking into the bottom of my foot. Robyn couldn’t believe that I wasn’t freaking out…truth is, if they weren’t there I probably would have been! When I get to stop and think about how truly lucky all of us are, it brings life’s meaningless hissy fits back into perspective. As soon as I saw Larry in his uniform I swear I stood up a little straighter, and became a bit more humbled.

We had such an awesome day down at Wrightsville Beach, and I can’t wait for their beach wedding in June!

Finally, I want to dedicate this post to an incredible man, Cpl Nicholas G. Xiarhos. You lit up any room, could put a smile on anyone’s face, and have made your friends and family some of the proudest people in the entire World. We are all humbled by your courage, and softened by heart. I know you were loving that beautiful day on Wrightsville Beach, and there is no doubt you were laughing at me when I stepped on those barbs. I miss you and love you always : )

Introducing, Robyn & Larry!


Robyn & Larry – Cannot wait for June!