Turning 23.

So… I’m getting old. I’m almost 25 which means I’m almost half way to 30, which means I’m almost 50. OK, so maybe I’m over exaggerating, but this morning I found myself day dreaming about the rest of my life. I sat there with a blank stare, imagining myself shopping at Chico’s and waking up at 5:30 AM like it’s normal… it freaked me out! As I laid out a breakfast buffet this Sunday for my friends, one of them shouted out, “I feel like you’re my parent!” Eh hem… I’M ONLY 23!

So here’s to appreciating days that go by slowly, wishing you were 25 so you could rent a car, and never wasting a day of your life… we all know that it goes by WAY. TOO. FAST.

Like the genius lyricist Nicki Minaj (HA) would say…

“I believe that life is a prize,
But to live doesn’t mean you’re alive.”

Cheers to 23!

No the sparkle below is NOT a photoshop effect… my dress was just THAT cool.

Thanks to everyone who made my 23rd the bomb.COM! : )