Testing the 24-70mm! Part I

So I shot my first wedding as an intern with Kellie Kano Photography this past saturday. I decided to rent a lens for it to try out some new Nikon gear, in hopes of making the decision to switch a little bit more clear. I got it in on Friday afternoon, and took my friend Tory, and boyfriend Brent out that afternoon! We decided to just do some fun shots with Tory, and decided to have Brent in his suit in hopes of getting some material for his website! We had a really fun afternoon wandering around Burlington, and venturing into Graham. There are so many neat little spots that can randomly be found throughout town… I’m excited to do some more shooting this next coming week! Enjoy the pics.

I made Tory and Brent pretend to be a couple all afternoon.. haha!

Brent wants everyone to know that the following pictures is him being silly… that’s no serious smile!!

Had a blast! But…looks like I’m probably switching to Canon.. WHAT? did I say that outloud?