So as a Doherty Scholar, I got the chance to go to the MIT Global Startup Workshop in Iceland this year. It was an amazing experience; meeting entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and educators, getting the chance to speak about entrepreneurial ecosystems in front of 100 people, and being able to see how everyone there is the best of friends. This conference is literally like their spring break. Once a year, these entrepreneurs get to meet up in a different country, catch up on what they have been doing, and get down to business (bar business that is.) These people REALLY know how to have a good time!

I’m really hoping I can attend next year! They haven’t decided exactly where it is yet but it is between South Korea and Russia. I’m kind of leaning towards South Korea because I am a total wimp when it comes to the cold. But Russia, now that would be cool… we’ll see : )

A special shoutout to some cool people I met there! Kevin over at I Heart T-Shirts makes some awesome tees with I <3 _________ – you fill in the blank! Order one and let him know you came through me! Also a shoutout to the entire MIT team that put the conference together – awesome job guys! It was nothing but high-class all the way, and I was impressed with EVERYTHING!

On to some pictures!

I’m sure you all heard about the volcano that started erupting one day before I left for Iceland. Go figure right? Well we got to go on a tour one night that drove 2 hours out to the volcano, stayed 2 hours so we could grab some pics, and then headed back. It was cold once we got out there, but a spectacular sight. Even being as far away as we were, we could still see the lava spewing up from beneath the earth!

We got to see the northern lights on our way back from the volcano! Luckily our tour guide pulled right over at a farm with an animal perfect for good subject matter… HORSES! I was silly and left my tripod at home so these shots are my best attempt to hold as still as possible while the horses circled me! AHH!!

Here is a waterfall from our Golden Circle trip! it was FREEEEZING!

This was the gang at the MIT gala dinner. As Professor Palin would say, we clean up pretty well! The dinner was a blast: great food, good conversation, and plus, I got to start a dance party at an MIT gala dinner with an Australian entrepreneur. What could be better?

Finally, after the closing remarks of the conference, we were all invited to go to the Blue Lagoon. It’s a spa in Iceland famous for having a huge natural hot spring where thousands of people per year come to enjoy! It was crystal blue water about 100 degrees hot with minerals and finely ground lava rock covering the bottom. It was incredible, and so relaxing. Amazing what mother nature can do!!