Maggie & Abby!

Maggie & I both studied abroad in Denmark last semester! She was in the same program as I (the Business program) so we got to hang out on our study tours and in class. We had so much fun abroad staying in hostels and wanting to feel “threatened” in foreign cities; don’t worry that came with time!

Her sister Abby goes to UNC Chapel Hill, so Maggie came up from Texas to visit Abby for Easter. Of course a visit was necessary so I picked the two of them up at UNC and we headed to Hillsborough to visit our friend Lia. We got a de-lish lunch at the Wooden Nickel (WHAT!?) and then got to venture around the small town to do a little photo-shoot : ) After driving past a few possible spots we finally found the perfect place… a huge haybale to go wild on!

So much fun with these two…

Love you guys!!