Hello Canon…

Okay so I know I’ve already blogged about this beauty, but after switching to Canon(!!) I really wanted to do another shoot with Emily. So photogenic, any photo of her is pretty much amazing. First off, I want to talk about my experience with Canon so far!

So I recently sold alll of my Nikon gear and bought a gently used Canon 5D body. I got it 1 day before shooting a wedding in Charleston with Kellie so it was definitely a race to get used to the button placement and everything else. So far this is what I’ve noticed:

-Warmer color tones… a MUST for photographing people, duh.

-My pictures definitely have more depth to them… hard to describe but hopefully you’ll see what I mean in this post!

-Some auto-focus issues that will hopefully become easier as I get used to the gear.

Finally, one thing I do miss is the button placement on my Nikon. I used to be able to flick it into manual, bracket, or change the ISO without even taking my eye out of the viewfinder. Not the case with Canon, but I would take this issue over color toning & depth issues any day!

Definitely happy that I switched, and very excited to start creating beautiful images with this baby!

Enough with Canon; onto Emily!

PS. Emily and I hopped on down to an old fabric mill in Haw River. We drove by it and decided to go in and see if there was any way passed the barbed wire fence… luckily the gates were wide open! Literally every corner we turned, we would jump up and down in excitement with all the photo possibilities. This place is a gem! You will DEFINITELY see this place on the blog in the future : )

Emily was extremely brave and came up with the brilliant idea to climb up a ladder to the roof of this old factory! Caught this one of her going down after getting a few shots : )

She can be serious… and silly!

This old factory had so many neat spots!

So peaceful…

How awesome is this place?!

Don’t fall Emily!

I had a total blast at this place… definitely coming back here again!