The Riney Family

I first met Tonya on the third floor of Koury Business Center. It was my first day of Business Communications class and in walked Professor Riney; dressed in full business attire, glasses and all. Now for those of you that know her, you know that she is not the gray business suit wearing type (you’ll also see that in the pictures!) And if you know her, you also know that the entire time I am writing this I will be constantly nervous that I am making some sort of grammatical error. I may even take this post to the writing center to get it checked out before making it live… but maybe not. Tonya, feel free to send me a revised copy of this highlighting every mistake.

But I digress…

I have to say that my bus-com class has been one of my most interesting, and absolutely one of the most helpful classes in my college career. I learned how to SPEAK LOUDLY, make eye contact, smile : ), and use no fillers. I can thank Tonya for knowing how to properly write and format an email, feeling more confident when public speaking, and I can even thank her for currently having a boyfriend. Brent has secretly revealed that getting to know me and my obsession for Michael Jackson (new AND old) during “circle time,” first sparked his interest in me ; ) So when Tonya asked me to do some portraits for her family I was pumped!

We had so much fun just running around the backyard playing with the dogs, swinging in the swing, and coercing Eamon into taking just one more picture about 10 times! The Riney family dogs are just too cute…. check them out!

Right after this moment, the kids played a trick on mom & dad! ; )

Can’t get enough of this pup!

What a fun family : )